Do Weight Loss Diets affect Your Kidneys?

Are you also suffering from being overweight? Do you also wish to lose weight? Does weight loss diet damage kidneys? If you have these questions, you are in the right place. We always feel that eating, drinking, and gaining a little weight is not something to worry about! Well, everything starts with a bad lifestyle and eating habits.  

It is essential to take care of our health. The food that we eat, the liquids that we intake, and the lifestyle habits we follow directly reflect our overall health. Let us talk about weight-related medical complications now. 

Having more weight can affect our kidneys in a great way. These extra pounds that we carry affect our overall body and make us prone to several diseases. Obese people are vulnerable to ailments like diabetes, PCOS, PCOD, Kidney diseases, Heart diseases, etc. To cut the long story short, weight is the primary reason for all diseases that occur in the body. 

It is important to keep ourselves healthy by having healthy eating habits, exercising daily, and practicing good lifestyle habits. Being overweight affects the kidneys directly. The extra weight forces the kidneys to work more and filter the wastes. This results in several kidney diseases and kidney failure. 

Now, to take care of your health and lose weight, it is essential to talk to a dietician. The foods recommended by the right dietician will help you in losing weight without any negative impact on the kidneys. Hence, weight-loss diets affect your body in a healthy way. Here are some aspects to be healthy and keep your body-health optimum.

  • Have Breakfast

People, who wish to lose weight, must keep this thing in mind that they must not skip breakfast. Many people feel that by skipping meals, they can become lean and fit. Well, that’s not the case! Skipping meals, especially breakfast will make you weak and not fit. Breakfast contains essential nutrients that are essential for the day. One will end up snacking on junk food if they do not have breakfast! 

  • Eat Regularly

Eating at regular intervals is essential during the day. This helps in burning the calories at a faster rate. Eating regularly also cuts the temptation of having junk foods that are high in fat, salt, and sugar. 

  • Eat fruit & vegetables

Eating plenty of fruit and vegetables can help one a lot. Fruit and vegetables are low in fat and high in fiber. They help one lose weight fast and increase the functionality of the kidneys.  

  • Drink Water 

This one health tip is given by everyone. Drinking lots of water helps in increasing the efficiency of the kidneys to filter fast and in a better way. Drink plenty of water as this one thing can filter your body’s waste inside out. 

  • Have High Fiber Diets 

Foods enriched with fiber help one in keeping full. Such diets are perfect for ones who wish to lose weight. Fiber is found in plants, oats, whole grains, brown rice, lentils, peas, etc. Make sure to add these foods to your diet so that you can easily have a healthy body. 

  • Use smaller plates

We have seen that the Japanese are really healthy. This is one of their health secrets that help them remain healthy and active. This is because they eat on smaller plates. Eating in smaller portions helps you avoid the feeling of being hungry. Just try it – eat on small plates and bowls. Make sure to eat slowly and stop eating before your stomach is actually full. This will help you to have the right weight you desire to have. 

  • Say no to Junk Food 

Junk food contains a lot of sugar, salt, and other things that affect our body negatively, especially the kidneys. Kidneys overwork to help digest the food and filter out the rest. To avoid the temptation of having junk food, make sure you don’t have it stocked in your home. Remove all the fizz drinks, chocolates, chips, and other food items from your house. Keep fruits and vegetables instead, so that whenever you feel hungry, you eat fruits. You can also keep things like oat cookies, cornflakes, fruit juice, etc. 

  • Cut down alcohol 

Do you know that a standard glass of wine contains calories equal to a piece of chocolate? We bet you don’t! Drinking alcohol occasionally is fine but when one overly drinks alcohol, it results in belly fat and weight gain. This weight gain is not good as it can lead to several diseases. 

  • Plan your diet & meals 

Try to plan breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Try adding high-fiber food and other nutritious ingredients to your diet. Make sure you are only taking the required calorie amount in a day and not more than that. Eating healthy will make you active and fit, thereby relieving you from ailments. 

  • Read the labels on food items 

To buy healthy and nutritious food items, it is essential to read the labels indicating the ingredients used in making the products. For example, if you wish to buy muesli or oats, then read how much energy it gives, what ingredients are used in making the product, how much fat and carbohydrates are there, and so on. Reading and gaining information before buying will help you buy healthy food items. 

  • Do Yoga & Exercise

Yoga and exercise are the two most important things that everyone must do to remain healthy and active. Regular exercises and yoga will help you maintain a healthy posture, thereby making you healthy inside out. Exercising daily will keep you active throughout the day. 

So, these are some healthy tips regarding diet and exercise that must be followed by people who wish to lose weight. Always remember that medications can only help you a bit. Major changes have to be brought into eating and lifestyle habits. 

Try to maintain a proper eating plan and add foods that will help you become fit. Losing weight can be a bit tricky and tedious. But the right guidance and your motivation and desire to get fit will take you through this journey of weight loss. There will be no negative effect of weight loss diet on Kidneys if your diet plan is from recognized and medically registered dieticians or doctors. Their diet plans help in increasing the efficiency of kidneys by filtering the waste in a better way!