Stay Safe and Healthy This Monsoon

Monsoon brings lots of excitement, natural beauty, cool breeze and greenery all around us. It also increases the humidity in temperature which raises the chances of infection. Suffering from viral fever cold and cough is quite common. For that, we have to take precautions in this rainy season to avoid diseases related to respiratory infections, a stomach infection, food and water-borne diseases. You also need to take extra care of your little ones due to frequent changes in temperature. So it is very necessary to maintain proper hygiene, having a healthy diet and take proper precautionary measures to avoid illness.

Here are some important tips to stay healthy in the rainy season by  Dr Nagavender Rao M, Senior Consultant Physician (General Medicine) at OMNI Hospitals Kukatpally.

Strengthen your Immunity

 Increase your intake of Vitamin C through food supplements and natural form to avoid the cold. Food items like orange, kiwi and garlic are the common cure for cold and it also improves the immunity. Hot drinks such as green tea also improve immunity.

Always carry Umbrella or Raincoat 

During rainy days make sure to carry your umbrella or raincoat along with you. We never know when it will start raining. It’s better to stay prepared. 

Drink Boiled Water 

During monsoon, make sure you drink only boiled water. Contaminated water can put you at risk of contracting water-borne diseases.

Hygiene and Cleanliness 

There are many viruses and bacteria moving around and waiting to attack those with weak immune. Maintaining hygiene and cleanliness is the most important thing. 

Remove Stagnant Water 

Stagnant water is the breeding ground of mosquito during monsoon, water gets stored in items like discarded tyres, buckets, containers, coolers. Don’t let water stagnate. Cooler tray and water tanks must be regularly checked and should be kept covered. Areas should be kept neat and dry. Disinfectants should be sprayed at intervals. 

Avoid Mosquitoes 

Apply mosquito repellent to avoid getting bit by mosquitoes. Also use a mosquito net while you sleep and if possible install tight mosquito nets to the doors and windows at your home. 

Wash your Hands/Take Bath 

If you get drenched in rain, take a bath and dry up yourself immediately. Take a bath in hot water, as it prevents the virus from spreading. Before eating food, make sure to wash your hands using soap or hand wash, through this the microbes will not be able to enter your body. 

Avoid outside Food 

Avoid the temptation to eat street food during monsoon. Outside food might be contaminated and is fatal for your health. Home cooked and hot food is recommended to prevent cold and other monsoon related diseases. 

It’s necessary for everyone to understand the importance of staying healthy in monsoon. So, make sure to take proper precautions and enjoy this season.

Dr Nagavender Rao M
Senior Consultant Physician (General Medicine)
OMNI Hospitals Kukatpally



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