Conditions of reporting

  • It is presumed that the specimen belongs to the patient as identified in the test requisition form.
  • The reported results are best evaluated by the referring doctor or concerned medical specialist(s).
  • Individual laboratory tests are only one or more of the several pieces of a jigsaw puzzle which makes up the diagnosis for a patient. Except for few tests, most others provide only supporting evidence which needs to be linked with other evidences to come up with a diagnosis.
  • If the collection date is not stated on the test requisition form, the date when the specimen is received in the laboratory will print by default as the date of collection.
  • Please note that results of tests may vary from laboratory to laboratory. Further, some parameters are known to vary from time to time even for the same patient. The test may have to be repeated in the interests of quality assurance. In some cases the test may be referred to some other competent laboratory.
  • If your report carries a “PRELIMINARY” status, it means that results for one or more tests are awaited. In the case of microbiology testsa “FINAL” culture report is issued only after 2 to 3 days of identification and drug test for susceptibility.
  • Occasionally test requested may yield “INVALID RESULTS” for various technical reasons which are then detailed at the bottom of the report.
  • A requested test may not be performed for any one (or more) of the following reasons:
    • When specimen quantity is insufficient (inadequate collection/spillage in transit).
    • When specimen quality is unacceptable (haemolysed/clotted/lipeamic etc.).
    • When the type of specimen provided is not suitable for the test requisitioned.
    • When the test has been cancelled on the specific request of the patient or his referring doctor or because of incorrect test code, test name or specimen received.
    • When there is an unexpected breakdown of equipment while the test is in progress.
  • Under these circumstances a request for a repeat sample would be made.
  • Delay in issuing test reports may occur due to unavoidable/unforeseen circumstances like shortage or non availability of the test kits or instrument failure etc.
  • Some tests are referred to other laboratories to provide a wider test menu to the patient. The details of laboratory, where the samples were referred to, can be obtained from the Customer Care Services of the centre. In such cases test reports may get delayed.
  • If you think that the results indicate an unexpected abnormality, please contact the centre and we will look into the matter.
  • Neither Omni Healthcare nor its directors/employees/representatives assume any liability, responsibility for any loss or damage that may be incurred by any person, including the patient, as a result of assuming the meaning or contents of this report.
  • Claims if any, are subject to the jurisdiction only of courts in the Telangana area.
  • Please note: Histopathology specimens are retainedfor 6 months and blocksand slides are retained for 5years after reporting. Samples of Blood/Serum are retained only for7 days.

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