Patient & Visitor Guidelines

Patient & Visitor Guidelines

Patient Guidelines

Patient Guidelines have been developed for better patient care. Patients should abide by these rules:

  • For reasons of infection control, we can accommodate only one attendant with the patient at a time, except during the visiting hours.
  • Please switch off your phones and other wireless equipment in the intensive care zones in the hospital, such as the ICCU/ICU/NICU/PICU and AMC as these interfere with the patient monitoring systems. However, they may be switched on in the waiting areas.
  • The entire hospital premise is a “NO SMOKING ZONE”; please do not smoke inside the hospital campus.
  • Consumption of alcohol or any other type of intoxicant is strictly prohibited inside the hospital.
  • Please avoid bringing costly items to the hospital. There might be a chance of losing/misplacing them.
  • Please do not make use of candles, dhoop, agarbattis, lighters, matchboxes etc. as they are a potential hazard in a hospital and can also trigger our sensitive smoke detecting system.

Visitor Guidelines

Visiting hours and rules have been developed to ensure that the care of patients is not disrupted. Visitors to patients must abide by these rules.

Visiting Hours:

For in-patient rooms, visitors are requested to collect the passes from the patient/attendant/IPD counter. The visiting hours for the wards are:

Morning: 8am to 9am & Evening: 5pm to 7pm.

  • Please do not bring children below the age of 12 years. This is a precautionary measure as children are more prone to infections.
  • Visitors must park their vehicles in visitors parking areas only.
  • Visitors must leave the hospital during a disaster or fire alarm. However, patients are the responsibility of the hospital, for which an evacuation plan is in place.
  • Visitors should refrain from sitting or lying on floors of patient rooms.
  • Visitors are not permitted in non-patient areas such as utility rooms, nurses’ stations, and kitchens. Visitors may use the cafeteria and family lounges.
  • Visitors are not permitted to administer any medical treatment(s) to the patient.
  • Visitors should not to consume alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs while at OMNI.
  • Nursing staff may restrict the number of visitors if the condition of the patient in the room requires it.