Patient Care

Patient Care

This patient guide will answer all the commonly asked questions that the patients and visitors might have. All the procedures and processes that one comes across during pre-admission, during patient’s stay and during discharge are covered here.

Before Admission

Any patient who seeks admission can directly contact our IP Reception Desk in the premises for admission. Registration will be available 24 X 7, 365 days a year. All one has to do is complete a simple documentation process for admission. The PRE will help you answer any queries that may arise while filling the forms.


In cases of emergency or unplanned admission, you can reach the IP Reception Desk which is open 24 hours directly; our relationship personnel will help you on any day at any time.

Documents at the time of registration

To make the process of pre-admission registration easy and allow for the registration personnel to complete the check-in process quickly, you are requested to bring the following listed documents

  • Family doctor or previous consulted doctor’s prescription or advice letter
  • Proof of insurance/ insurance card (if the treatment is insured)
  • Medical benefits card for govt. and corporate employees
  • Test(s) results and x-rays, if any
  • Details of all medication and the dosage you are currently on
  • Passport (for international patients)

What you can bring along?

If you have been advised for a stay at the hospital, you might want to bring a pair of comfortable slippers & toiletries with you.

Discharge Procedure

  • Patients and caretakers will be informed in advance about the precise date and time of discharge
  • Prior to your discharge the interim hospitalization bill will be provided for perusal
  • The hospitals will arrange for appropriate transport if need be or on request
  • The doctor’s contact number will be provided in case of medical difficulties following discharge
  • Proper instructions are provided to you and your caretaker concerning rest, diet, medications and follow-up appointments
  • A written discharge summary will be provided while the patient leaving the hospital
  • Please bear in mind that the entire payment and discharge process might take anywhere up to 4 hours

Payment Procedure

  • All payments can be made at the cashier’s counter at the hospital lobby. Only cash and credit cards will be accepted.
  • The bill presented to you should be fully settled by the time of discharge.
    Note: Cheques will not be accepted.

If you have questions regarding our check-in procedures, please call the numbers listed below –
Ph. No: 040-6736 9999
Mobile: 80963 69999