Health Check-Up Packages

Omni Hospitals offers a range of health check-up packages to suit every need. Packages range from gynecology to full-body check-ups, making it easier for individuals to get the preventive care they need.

Cardiac Check-Up

Gastro Check-Up

Whole Body Check-Up

Executive Health Check-Up

Well Women Check-Up

Lung Pulmonary Check-Up

Liver Check-Up

Kidney Check-Up

Urology Check-Up

Diabetic Health Check-Up

Giggles Well Women Check-Up

Master Health Check-Up

Dos & Don’ts Before Your Health Check-Up

  • Make sure you do overnight fasting for minimum of 8 hours
  • Avoid consumption of alcohol or smoking for minimum of 48 hours
  • Kindly inform us about your regular medication & diet during sample collection
  • Take regular medications after breakfast (except diabetes patients – before breakfast & hyroxine or empty stomach & give next samples)
  • Please don’t forget to let us know if you have any chronic disease

The Twilight Lounge

We believe that everyone deserves access to preventive care and are thrilled to offer a dedicated and exclusive space for those visiting us for check-ups.

While you wait for your tests to be conducted or for your results, enjoy exclusive access to The Twilight Lounge at OMNI Hospitals, Kukatpally. The Twilight arena has been created to ensure a dedicated space for health checkups without the hassle of dealing with regular hospital formalities. The area provides a comfortable and exclusive environment with amenities including coffee vending machines, breakfast space, games, and Wi-Fi connectivity to work.

We are committed to providing high-quality, comprehensive healthcare services to our patients in a stress-free, sanitized, and trust-worthy environment. The launch of the Twilight arena  is a testament to that commitment.