A case report on Minimal Invasive Cardiac Bypass Surgery

Cardiac bypass surgery is one of the most invasive and major surgical procedures. Following an open cardiac bypass surgery, the time taken for wound healing and patient getting back to work ranges between 6-8 weeks. A minimal invasive approach to this major surgery has opened the doors for faster recovery and smaller wound without the need to cut open a bone.


One such surgery was performed in OMNI Hospitals, Kurnool this month. The patient, Harikrishna, 32 years, was diagnosed as a case of coronary artery disease not amenable to angioplasty, hence referred for bypass surgery. Since he is a young man with lean built, a decision was made to perform minimal invasive bypass surgery. A muscle splitting, rib preserving incision was made on the left side of the chest and chest cavity was entered. The left internal mammary artery on the chest wall was harvested and bypass surgery was performed on the beating heart without heart-lung machine support. The patient withstood the procedure well and was fit to move around on the first post-operative day itself. He was discharged within 5 days of procedure and can return to work within ten days of surgery.



Minimal invasive surgery is the new trend developing in the field of cardiac surgery where with help of special instruments, cardiac surgeries are performed through a small incision on the left or right side of chest without cutting any bone. Hence the blood loss is low, chances of wound infection are less, recovery is faster and patient can get back to work within two weeks. It also avoids the big and sometimes ugly scar in the middle of the chest. At OMNI Hospitals, Kurnool, we provide an option of minimal invasive cardiac surgery for suitable patients.


Dr Akshay Singh
Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon
OMNI Hospitals, Kurnool



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