Anal Fistula Open

An anal fistula is a tunnel that goes from the inside of the anus (the opening your body uses to get rid of solid waste) to the skin around it. It frequently occurs after an illness that did not heal properly. The fistula can be repaired by your doctor, but it will require surgery. Several


Dizziness and Vertigo


In general, the most common causes of dizziness are activities everyone experiences, at least as children, namely running around in circles or riding carnival attractions that spin, loop or twist. These movements cause an asymmetry in the signals that stem from the vestibular system–a sensory system situated on each side of the head in the


How to stay positive and productive during the lockdown

Trying to cope with the outbreak of Coronavirus has had huge impacts on all groups of people worldwide. For students, it is a tricky time to readjust to completing university work from home, watching lectures online and being uncertain about exams. For working professionals, it has been finding an ideal workspace to work from home


Do Not Panic

The Coronavirus infection which started in China at the beginning of this year then spread worldwide to be labelled as a Pandemic by WHO has created terrible panic in the public — both lay public and more so in the educated. Coronavirus infection is likely to kill thousands of people directly but will kill lakhs of people indirectly because of the panic situation we have created for ourselves.


Everything you need to know about Coronavirus

Q. What is 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)? A. 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) is a respiratory virus that causes illness ranging from the common cold to severe diseases. Q. What are the symptoms? Respiratory problems Fever and cough Shortness of breath Runny nose Headache Q. How does it spread? A. It is generally spread from an infected


Headaches – Causes and Treatment

Headache is a very common health problem that most people come across in their day to day lives due to severe stress. There are several reasons behind causing a headache on a frequent basis. When people get a headache due to stress, it can be cured by taking some rest for an adequate amount of


Importance of People, Process and Technology (PPT) Framework in EMR Implementation


Based on the experience in last two decades, I came to know that top class technology stack may not be required to achieve the organisational goals to automate their business processes to scale-up the customer satisfaction, customer delight, provider and patient experiences. On the other hand, most of the digital transformation projects fail miserably as


Healthcare Technology 2025

Healthcare Technology Website

Healthcare technology in India and APAC, as in worldwide, is reaching an inflection point where it is poised to disrupt an industry that has stubbornly avoided getting disrupted. As old industries like retailing, books, music and television have been disrupted, the healthcare industry is facing its moment where technology driven disruption is at its doors.


The Neighbourhood Hospital – Treating patients with compassion

OMNI Hospitals, Kukatpally has gained support from patients in the Kukatpally and surrounding areas which has made it the hospital of choice in the neighbourhood. It is also one of the few fully NABH accredited hospital in the area, thus ensuring better patient care and safety. Read the full article here


Body Pain Syndrome: Causes and Management

Pain is an undesirable sensation in the body which is triggered by our brain. Pain experienced by each individual varies in frequency and severity. Complaints regarding body pain are very common, especially in women aged above 50 years. Many of them are habituated to taking pain killers and other modes of treatment. However, it is