How does a slow-paced workout like yoga tone the body?

How does a slow-paced workout like yoga tone the body

There is a yoga style for everyone out there and how you feel during and after practice is very important. But, how good is a slow-paced workout to tone the body in comparison to hitting the gym? This is a very personal choice. However, from an anatomical perspective, while a workout at the gym will


Body Pain Syndrome: Causes and Management

Pain is an undesirable sensation in the body which is triggered by our brain. Pain experienced by each individual varies in frequency and severity. Complaints regarding body pain are very common, especially in women aged above 50 years. Many of them are habituated to taking pain killers and other modes of treatment. However, it is


Dengue – Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and Precautions


Dengue fever is an infectious tropical disease caused by the dengue virus. With rapid urbanisation and global travel leading to drastic demographic changes, dengue has become a threat to almost 40% of the world’s population i.e. over 2.5 billion people. Dengue in India has dramatically expanded over the last few decades. It is estimated that