OMNI Kukatpally operates on Recurrent Fibro Sarcoma

Husain is an young patient aged around 22 years has come to us with a Recurrent Fibro Sarcoma with Fungating Mass Right Knee.  He has been operated in an hospital in his country.  There was a reccurrence of the tumour for which he has been operated in a good corporate hospital in Hyderabad.  Again there was a reccurrence of Fibro Sarcoma with Fungating mass in the right knee.  Most of the surgeons suggested him for amputation before he came to Dr Kishore B Reddy.

Dr Kishore B Reddy after evaluating the case status has understood the tumor is large and vascular bundle is involved.  Dr Kishore has planned a surgery and performed wide excision of Recurrent Fibro Sarcoma & Vascular reconstruction with flap cover.  The patient is happy, he is walking normally and performing daily tasks with a great comfort.

Dr Kishore B Reddy

Medical Director, HOD – Orthopaedics and Orthopaedic Oncology

OMNI Hospital, Kukatpally



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