Post-C-Section Recovery: When to Worry About Back Pain

Post C-section: After delivering your baby, you’d probably feel elated and overwhelmed holding your little bundle of joy. If you have given birth via cesarean section or C-section, you’re also undergoing recovery from a major abdominal surgery while dealing with postpartum issues, like mood swings, postpartum bleeding, and swollen breasts. Back pain is among the most prominent issues during post C-section recovery, and it can take a toll on a mother’s overall well-being as she recovers.

Mothers who give birth via C-section generally stay in the hospital for two to four days, but they recover over the next few weeks. You should be gentle and patient with yourself to be able to recover optimally while taking care of yourself and your baby. We will further discuss how to recover from a C-section while managing postpartum back pain and when to worry about this pain.

Back Pain Post C-section

Back pain may start during your pregnancy and may prevail till your postpartum recovery period. Back pain may be attributed to several factors, such as:

  • Hormonal changes during pregnancy that prepare the muscles and ligaments, causing lower or mid-back pain.
  • Weight gain during pregnancy and by carrying the extra weight of the baby.
  • Lifting and carrying the baby post C-section can aggravate back pain.
  • Having a poor posture during breastfeeding, such as slouching shoulders or a strained neck, can lead to severe back pain post C-section.

How to Manage Back Pain After C-section?

Here are different ways to manage back pain caused by different factors during your postpartum recovery:

  • Practice good posture: If your back pain is a symptom of poor posture while breastfeeding or due to excessive weight, you can practise maintaining good posture. Keep your back straight when you sit, supported by a chair or bedstead. Keep your head high and shoulders relaxed when you’re standing or walking. Don’t hunch forward or tilt your pelvis forward. 
  • Use proper lifting technique: While lifting heavy weights, including your baby, keep your back straight, and use your legs and hips to support you. If necessary, bend your knees or squat down instead of bending from your waist.
  • Engage in gentle exercises: After a C-section, it’s necessary to gradually introduce exercises into your routine to promote healing and strengthen your core muscles. Start with gentle exercises, such as walking and pelvic floor exercises. But it’s always important to consider consulting a doctor before starting any exercises.
  • Seek physical therapy: Consulting a physical therapist who specialises in postpartum care can be beneficial in relieving back pain after a C-section. They can provide a tailored rehabilitation program that will suit your needs. They can help you strengthen your core muscles, improve posture, and address any muscular imbalances contributing to back pain.

Common Post C-section Care Tips

After getting discharged from the hospital, you can expect some help around yourself while you’re recovering. Here are some things you can do to have a speedy recovery after a C-section:

  • Seek Help: If you have back pain, you can seek support from your parents or in-laws or hire a maid. The first few weeks are essential for your recovery and healing, so take rest as much as you can.
  • Manage your pain: In addition to back pain, constipation and gas pain are also common after C-section. To manage this pain, take painkillers or other pain-relieving therapies suggested by the doctor.
  • Avoid constipation: Try not to strain during bowel movements as it might aggravate your back pain and put stress on the stitch after a caesarean section.
  • Avoid breastfeeding positions that put pressure on the incision: The football hold, and side-lying position are two good options for breastfeeding that allow you to feed your baby without putting pressure on your abdominal incision.
  • Consider an abdominal binder: Some doctors may recommend using a belly wrap or abdominal binder to reduce pain immediately following a C-section.
  • Driving and returning to work: It’s best only to drive once your back pain is better.


After a C-section, mothers can experience several issues that can be managed well with professional help. At Omni Hospitals, let us help you recover optimally from your c-section surgery while you can focus on enjoying your time with your newborn. With the best team of doctors specializing in caring for neonates and mothers on board, we provide comprehensive, patient-centric services to our patients to assist them in smoothly transitioning to motherhood.

This article has been medically reviewed by Dr. Padmaja