Simple Tips to Prevent Common Allergies in Winter

A big problem with winter allergies is that cold-weather lifestyles can turn a simple allergic reaction into something worse. It may not be possible to get rid of winter allergies entirely, but you can reduce exposure to allergens, at least in your own surroundings. Here are some simple tips to keep winter allergies at bay.


Minimise dander

In cold weather pets are indoors more often and the exposure to dander is more in the winter months, leading to increase in symptoms.


Use a humidifier

Use a humidifier to reduce dryness in the air at home and keep the humidity level not lower than 30% and not higher than 50%.


Wash blankets and beddings

Keep the allergens down by washing your sheets, pillowcases and blankets in hot water. A weekly wash is great, but twice a month is fine, too.


Clean and vacuum regularly

Clean your carpets with a vacuum cleaner to decrease the dust mites and pet allergen levels. Sweeping and mopping the floors are very effective as well.


Ventilate your house

Allergies are common if the house is poorly ventilated. With proper ventilation, air comes inside the house which helps in reducing dampness, removing excess humidity and dust that causes allergies.



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