Winter and Healthy Bones

Our bone health is important to keep the body active and fit. The physical activity of people contracts during the winter season. Some common bone issues during winter are stiff muscles and joint pain are common problems faced during the winter season. Many people face these problems during this time of year.


Elderly people are more prone to have bone issues in the large joints of the lower limb and sometimes of the fingers of the hand. Senior citizens or persons over 50 as well as persons having rheumatological problems are the ones who are most vulnerable.


In winter, pain receptors of our body become more sensitive and cause more pain. Low temperatures cause retention of fluid in muscles and the surrounding structure of joints which leads to increased pain and stiffness. The cold also reduces blood circulation in the fingers and toes which will result in pain. Low Vitamin D levels will further cause pain due to poor sunlight in winter.


Medical Remedies


Warm clothes and warm baths will help as well as doing regular exercises to move the joints. A good diet, proper hydration with a good intake of fluids, Vitamin D supplementation and physiotherapy are some of the simple remedies that are effective.


The importance is diet and exercise during winter


A winter diet should include omega 3 fatty acid-rich food. These are found in fruits like avocado, dry fruits and non-veg foods like fish. These nutrients will help in relieving pain and stiffness. Regular exercise and yoga helps to keep joints mobile. Protect yourselves by wearing warm clothes and basking in the early morning sun. Remember to pay attention to pain and not ignore things that may cause long term suffering.


Dr Shyam Sunder Reddy
Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon
OMNI Hospitals, Kothapet



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