Winter Diet: Tips to Stay Warm Naturally During Winters

Winter is here. It’s the time to think about the foods that will keep us warm. These foods are particularly useful for those who cannot cope with low temperatures very well, or those who may have low immunity.


Dry Fruits

It’s wise to choose, healthy fat like dry fruits such as date and anjeer helps you to stay warm during winters. They also boost body energy.


Cook with Ghee

Adding a little of ghee to the foods, helps you to keep warm naturally. Ghee is rich in unsaturated fat, which is responsible for keeping the body warm and also supplying it with energy


Green Tea

Drink more of the warm liquids like green tea or herbal tea, soups, help you improve your body’s ability to fight against sickness. This beverage has anti-oxidant properties and helps to fight against free radicals in the system.


Eat more Vegetables

Include more vegetables in your winter diet to stay warm. Some of the most warming root vegetables include carrots, radish, potatoes, onions and garlic. These veggies are digested slower in the body and it generates more heat.


Avoid Sugary Food

People crave for sugary and processed food. Food items with artificial sugars are bad for your health. When indoors you might go for a packet of chips and watch a movie, but eating processed food should be avoided. Replace the chips with something healthier instead, for example grilled vegetables. 


Stay Hydrated

Even though you don’t crave for liquids, make sure you drink enough amounts (at least 2 litres /day). 


Kalyani P
M Sc (Food Science & Nutrition)
HOD – Clinical Nutrition & Dietetics
OMNI Hospitals, Kukatpally