Winter Skin & Hair Care Guide

Who doesn’t love warm cosy winter days? That love for snuggling in a warm blanket with a book and coffee on chilling winter nights. But our hair and skin often take the brunt of the winter season. Winters can sometimes wreak havoc on our hair and leave the skin dry and itchy.

From dandruff to hair loss, frizzy hair, and dry skin, winter hair problems are just too real to overlook. If you also suffer from regular hair and skin problems every winter, then follow these tips and thank us later.


  • Keep Yourself Hydrated

The biggest mistake we all make in winter is drinking an inadequate amount of water. This can have an adverse effect on both the hair as well as the skin. We all love a hot cup of tea or coffee in winter. But only the intake of these beverages can leave you pretty much dehydrated. So limit your caffeine intake and drink more water for shiny hair and glowing skin.

  • Oil Your Hair

Oiling your hair at least once a week is a no-brainer. This is something our mothers and grandmothers have been advising us for ages, but we tend to get lazy. Try to oil your hair at least once a week. A warm oil massage is best to nourish those dry, frizzy winter hair.

  • Moisturise Your Skin

Dry & itchy skin is the most common skin issue in the winter. Moisturise your skin and also follow a good skincare routine, such as daily cleansing, toning & moisturising, which can be a lot beneficial for your skin. You can even invest in a good winter-fighting serum to include in your nighttime routine. Although Facial serum is pricier than lotion, it is usually made with higher-quality ingredients and does not contain fillers.

  • Use the Right Hair Care Products

The hair care products you use the rest of the year may not be as beneficial during the winter. With winter, you often see dandruff and dryness in your hair. So invest in a good anti-dandruff shampoo that also incorporates moisturising serums. Otherwise, do not forget to use a good conditioner for your hair to avoid them going all frizzy.

  • Get a Haircut

Hair fall is another common story of the winter season. Managing longer hair can be an ordeal for many. Getting a healthy, manageable haircut during winter can help much with hair loss as well as keep you at ease.

  • Protect Your Hair

Do not put your hair into unnecessary trouble during winter. Avoid heating, curling, blow drying, etc. If you are doing any of these, be sure to use heat protection serum on your hair. Air drying is the best for winter or even otherwise.

  • Apply Sunscreen

Lots of people make the mistake of not using sunscreen during the winter season. They think they do not need to as the sun is not that harsh in winter. But this avoidance may be damaging and harmful to your skin. So, even if it is winter, never step out of the house without your sunscreen.

  • Invest in a Humidifier

Humidifiers can help with dryness during winter. Whether it is dry hair, dry skin, dry lips, or even dry cough due to the cold and flu, humidifiers will help with all of these issues.

  • Eat Nutritious Meals

Food makes every cell in your body, skin, and hair. The food you eat is going to affect your overall health. So, eat nutritious meals in winter to help your skin and hair fight the winter blues. Traditional Indian meals for winter that contain jaggery, sesame, peanuts, butter, etc., contain the essential fats that keep your hair and skin healthy. So never skip those “Til Ke Ladoo” or “Peanut Chikki” in winter. You may also invest in some good multivitamins and supplements after consulting with a nutritionist.

These are some great tips to take care of your hair and skin during winter. Follow these preventive measures and enjoy the winter season without having to worry about your skin & Hair issues.

For more tips and expert advice about taking care of yourself during winter, you can visit Omni Hospitals and consult the top board-certified dermatologists.