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Beyond Business

For us in INCOR group, it is an inherent part of our character to reach out to under served communities with a sole intension of making a difference in their lives. We carefully understand the challenges and difficulties that under served communities face, and work towards making a meaningful difference to them.

All projects when identified are carefully studied in a participatory manner, in consultation with the community directly. This includes multiple meetings with the elders of the community and gauging their basic needs. We then design a course of action and subsequently, based on a consensus and in discussion with the village panchayats and other influential’s, projects are prioritized.

In Education, our endeavor has been to spark the desire for learning and knowledge at every stage through

  • Krishi Vidyalayam: A Grade I to X school established in the rural areas at Nalgonda district is currently operational.1200 Students have been enrolled in the first year itself with 100% occupancy.
  • ITI – PPP Scheme – INCOR have adopted government ITI’s and provide better infrastructure with upgraded course materials and placement opportunities.
  • Quality primary education– INCOR is setting up a chain of schools with CBSE standards to be operational in 2012.

In Health care our goal is to render quality health care facilities to people living in the villages and elsewhere through our Hospital – Omni Hospitals. We have made it a priority to regularly conduct various Checkup and CME camps in many villages across Andra Pradesh.Quality primary education – INCOR is setting up a chain of schools with CBSE standards to be operational in 2012.

  • Heart Check up camps in Nalagonda and other districts
  • CME Camps where our resident Cardiac Specialist went and gave a lot of insight into various research happening to over 40 doctors practicing in various districts.
  • Mother and Child care projects
    We next plan to conduct Immunization programs with a thrust on polio eradication and also conduct various Preventive health campaigns through various awareness programs.