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Osmania University has given affiliation to conduct several Advanced Post Graduate Diploma Courses in Healthcare to different hospitals for the benefit of thousands of graduates with a view to train them or employment in the healthcare industry. The Advanced Post Graduate Diploma Courses in Healthcare are of two years duration consisting of four semesters with theory and practical training and exams in first and second semesters and only practical training and practical examinations in the third and fourth semesters without any internship. Advanced PG Diplomas in Healthcare qualify for a job in hospitals, minor emergency centers, privatelabs, blood donor centers, Doctor’s clinics, etc.

Syllabi of all the Courses have been designed with utmost care by experienced University Faculty and Medical experts to ensure that the skills and knowledge that students acquire are parallel to those in demand in the workplace i.e .,Hospitals. The syllabi of most of the Courses include training in Computers information technology and soft skills comprising spoken English and communication.

Healthcare technologists (paramedical experts) are in great demand in India and abroad. They play a very important role in helping the doctor to make an accurate diagnosis for treatment, cure and overall care of patients. More often than not, their role is both diagnostic and therapeutic. Healthcare technologists can advance to supervisory or management position in pathology labs and hospitals. They can also work as laboratory managers, consultants, or supervisors in health care administration.

The Healthcare courses being offered by various collaborating Hospitals and Medical Institutes under
Affiliation to Osmania University are:

Advanced PG Diploma courses in:

  • Anesthesia Technology
  • Dialysis Technology
  • Echo Cardiography & Sonography
  • Medical Laboratory Technology
  • Physician Assistant
  • Respiratory Therapy Technology

The candidates with a Bachelor Degree with at least one life science subject are eligible for the courses 1 to 12 above, whereas graduates in all disciplines (except oriental languages)are eligible for course 13 & 14. These courses are offered by different hospitals, in affiliation to Osmania University.

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