Department of

Nephrology & Dialysis


The Nephrology Department at Omni Hospitals offers complete healthcare solutions for patients with different types of Renal (kidney) diseases. We diagnose and treat acute as well as chronic renal diseases, renal problems due to diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, stone disease, infections; hereditary illnesses and poisons. For helping the patients with kidney failure lead a comfortable and stress-free life, we also provide a treatment modality known as dialysis, which is a procedure to purify the blood by removing the toxic substances.

At Omni Hospitals, we also conduct Hemodialysis, a process which helps to temporarily remove wastes, extra salts, and excess fluids from the body. In addition to cleaning and filtering the blood, it also helps control blood pressure and maintains the proper balance of important chemicals such as potassium, sodium, calcium, and bicarbonate.

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