Post-Operation Joint Rehabilitation

Your Recovery is Our Responsibility!

Have you broken your ankle or perhaps your hip joint? After surgery, proper rehabilitation and physical therapy are of utmost importance to ensure proper recovery and improve the patient’s overall quality of life. We at Omni Hospital understand the importance of choosing the right place for getting the proper care and rehabilitation. We offer the most comprehensive patient rehabilitation and therapeutic treatments for a safe and effective recovery after any joint operation.

Understanding Post-Operation Joint Rehabilitation & Recovery

After major joint surgery such as total knee replacement surgery or hip replacement surgery, rehabilitation and physical therapy is extremely important for prompt & complete recovery from joint complications and injury. The 12-week period following the surgery is crucial for recovery and rehabilitation. Your healthcare provider will set realistic goals and make sure your recovery is in good hands with proper guidance.

Why choose Omni Hospitals?

At Omni, we care about your health and recovery when you have had surgery. We offer comprehensive, all-inclusive physical therapy and rehabilitation services so that you can recover and go home safe & secure. Our physiotherapy specialists for pt for knee pain have extensive training and clinical experience in helping patients recover properly. You can come to us with trust for personalised therapy and treatment.

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Q1. How long does it take for joints to recover after surgery?

Recovery can take about six weeks to eight weeks to return to work even though they may not be fully recovered yet. Continuing physical therapy would be required for a full recovery.

Q2. What is the best therapy after surgery?

The best type of physical therapy after surgery can be best planned by your healthcare provider after careful consideration of your individual condition.

Q3. When should I start post-operative joint rehabilitation?

Post-operative rehabilitation for any kind of joint surgery can start right after the patient wakes up after surgery. If not immediately, at least within a few hours after the surgery.

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