Major Pulmonary Surgeries

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Pulmonary system issues can arise anytime in anyone but are more prevalent in adults. We at Omni understand the urgency and importance of diagnosing and treating pulmonary health problems so that you can lead a healthy and safe life. Our pulmonary consultants and surgeons at Omni have wide expertise and skills in treating pulmonary problems in patients of different age groups with various accompanying health problems.

Let’s understand more about pulmonary surgeries.

What are the major pulmonary surgeries?

Pulmonary function issues can arise in case of tumours or cancer, trauma, or fluid buildup. Surgery & other forms of treatment, such as radiation therapy in case of lung cancer, may be performed in such cases. Lung replacement in case of lung failure when no other treatment method is working can also be major pulmonary surgery. Blebs or cavities in the lungs where air can get trapped, and if ruptured, can cause a collapse in severe cases, which also need Pulmonary surgeries as the best resort.

Here, we have enlisted some common major pulmonary surgeries.

  • Lung Biopsy (diagnostic procedure)
  • Lobectomy (remove one or more lobes of a lung)
  • Lung Transplant
  • Pneumonectomy (removal of a diseased or failed lung)
  • Surgery to prevent the return & buildup of fluid to the chest (pleurodesis)
  • Wedge resection (remove part of a lobe in a lung)
  • Surgery to remove leaked blood in the chest cavity
  • Surgery to remove small balloon-like tissues that can cause lung collapse

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At Omni Hospital for physical therapy specialists we provide comprehensive healthcare services, including diagnosis, consultation, and surgical & non-surgical treatments for a wide range of medical problems. Our vastly trained interdisciplinary specialists, physiotherapy experts and support staff provide the highest quality of treatment and care for prompt treatment, management and recovery of patients. 

Supported by technologically advanced surgical equipment and cutting-edge infrastructure, we try to ensure pain-free treatment and rehabilitation for quick recovery and healing. Your faith in us helps us provide you with the best healthcare facilities and services with an aim to continuously improve and attain the utmost excellence.

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Q1. How long does it take to recover from lung surgery?

For any type of lung surgery, at least 6 to 8 weeks of proper care is required in order to recover well from the surgery. Following the doctor’s instructions post-surgery may help in returning to normal activities soon enough.

Q2. Is lung surgery major surgery?

Lung surgery is considered to be a major operation that involves the use of anaesthesia and requires several weeks of rehabilitation for proper recovery.

Q3. Can nonsmokers get lung cancer?

It is possible that nonsmokers can develop various lung problems, such as asthma, but a case of developing lung cancer is not common.

Q4. What are some common lung surgeries?

Some common yet major lung surgeries are Wedge Resection, Keyhole surgery, Lobectomy, Bilobectomy, Sternotomy, Sleeve Resection, etc.

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