Meniscal Repair

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A meniscal repair, also known as an Arthroscopic Meniscectomy, is a surgical treatment that uses keyhole surgery to repair a torn meniscus. It entails arthroscopic (keyhole) surgery to remove a portion or all of a meniscus from the tibiofemoral joint of the knee. It is necessary to provide postoperative protection to allow for recovery. Physical therapy can help you restore full knee function, which takes around 4-5 months on average following surgery.

The Goal of Meniscal Repair

Meniscal Repair surgery aims to keep healthy meniscus tissue intact. A blood supply is necessary for the meniscus tear to heal. Blood supply only exists in the outside part of the meniscus, which allows a tear to mend. The meniscus’s periphery is typically the only area that needs repairs; however, the surgeon will take the call to repair other areas if deemed necessary.

Effectiveness of the Meniscal Repair

Meniscal repair is quite successful when done by a skilled surgeon, with positive outcomes in 90% of cases. A successful repair delays the progression of arthritic changes. Repair surgery within two months of meniscus tear development, more peripheral tear sites, and concurrent ACL reconstruction are all factors linked to increased success rates of meniscal recovery.

Risks of Meniscal Repair

With a 1.3% complication rate, meniscus or meniscal repair is a safe surgical treatment. Injury to skin nerves is the most frequent consequence, and the majority of these cases recover by three months after surgery. Infections, stiff knees, and other issues can happen but are highly unlikely due to the advanced surgical techniques used by our highly experienced surgeons.

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Q1. Can a torn meniscus heal on its own?

Ans. Unfortunately, because the meniscus has a poor blood supply, it is unable to repair itself after ripping.

Q2. How soon can I resume my normal activities following my surgery?

Ans. In about 4 to 6 weeks after surgery, the majority of patients are able to make their way to their normal routines.

Q3. Will I have pain following meniscal repair?

Ans. It’s typical to have some pain right away after a procedure which can continue for a few weeks. To help you manage your surgery pain, your doctor will prescribe medication.

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