Bankart Repair

Trust and Rest on our Shoulders while we gently Fix Yours!

Falling down or getting hit by something can happen to anyone! What happens when you dislocate your shoulder bone and face anterior shoulder instability?

No need to worry! Surgical and non-surgical procedures are all available at Omni Hospitals. As Women and Child Health specialists, we provide customized treatment and health care along with rehabilitation facilities for you and your little ones so that you can watch them play and play with them as much as you want! Dislocation of the shoulder can happen due to injury or overuse. Fixing it through Bankart Repair surgery may help prevent further dislocation and keep the bones and tissues in place.

Bankart Shoulder Repair Procedure

A dislocated shoulder may cause pain and swelling in the shoulder area. Proper diagnosis by an expert is required to ensure the proper cause of pain and instability. At Omni Hospitals, our well-qualified, precisely trained medical professionals specialising in child and women’s healthcare provide apt and prompt diagnosis, treatment, management, and rehabilitation plans. With the help of experienced and compassionate medical support staff backed by a well-equipped Operation Theatre and laboratory containing world-class, technologically advanced equipment, we are able to offer effective, minimally invasive surgery and pain-free treatment to our patients.

Steps included in the Bankart Repair Treatment Plan

  • Initial diagnosis: Diagnostic methods before Bankart repair include X-ray and MRI to understand the extent and location of the lesion or injury.
  • Physical Examination: To ensure optimal health conditions for surgery or to reach that level, our healthcare providers may perform physical examinations.
  • Physical Therapy: Sometimes surgical intervention may not be required; physical therapy may work wonders. But it may be required pre and post-surgery for optimal healing and results.
  • Preparation & Surgery: Our surgery experts specialised in childcare with years of experience are adept at performing Bankart Repair surgery, ensuring successful and pain-free treatment.

Our board-certified therapists have years of experience working with children & women. They collaboratively work with the patients and their families to provide post-surgical physical therapy and rehabilitation to attain a quick and holistic recovery. With proper rehabilitation, you can resume normal activities in about 6-12 weeks.

Why Choose Omni Hospitals?

At Omni, our patients’ overall good health is our topmost priority. Our team of doctors, physicians, and other medical support staff render excellent medical and healthcare services with utmost care and confidentiality, keeping in mind the comfort of the patients. Our surgical and medical lab consisting of state-of-the-art equipment, helps us provide the best diagnostic and surgical services to patients.

Our relentless effort towards contributing to the good health of every mother and her child is proven worthwhile with your trust and faith in us.


  • Who is at risk of a dislocated shoulder?

If you are associated with heavy lifting or contact sports from a young age that puts stress on your shoulders, you may be at risk of dislocating a shoulder.

  • Is surgery necessary for a dislocated shoulder?

If the dislocation of the shoulder bone is slight, physical therapy and rest may help repair without surgery. Surgery may be performed if deemed necessary by the treating doctor.

  • Which is the best children’s hospital for dislocated shoulder surgery?

Omni Hospitals at Kukatpally is the best children’s hospital for treatment and surgery of the dislocated shoulder.

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