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Cryotherapy is a non-invasive medical treatment in which your doctor uses a severe cold to freeze and kill aberrant tissue. Many skin problems, including warts and skin tags, as well as various malignancies, such as liver, prostate, and cervical cancer, are treated with the help of this therapy by experienced doctors at Omni. The doctor will use something like liquid nitrogen or argon gas to produce this extremely cold environment for cryotherapy.

Why do doctors use cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy could be suggested by your doctor for a variety of reasons, including-

  • Bone cancer.
  • Cervical cancer
  • Prostate cancer
  • Liver cancer.
  • Skin conditions like skin tags, warts, or dark patches.
  • Skin cancers in the early stages and precancerous skin conditions
  • Cervical precancerous cells

Pros & Cons of Cryotherapy

In comparison to conventional surgery, this non-invasive procedure often involves less discomfort, less blood, and a lesser chance of injuring healthy tissue nearby the aberrant cells.

The benefits of cryotherapy include the following:

  • Muscle recovery and pain reduction
  • Losing weight
  • Decreased inflammation
  • Dementia prevention
  • Cancer prevention and treatment
  • Lowering stress and depression
  • Improving eczema symptoms

Cryotherapy has minimal dangers, although problems can still happen. These issues might include:

  • Following cryotherapy, there may be bleeding, cramping, or pain near the cervix.
  • Loss of sensation as a result of nerve injury.
  • Bone fractures.
  • Swelling, skin infections, and scars.
  • Cold-related allergy symptoms

Cryotherapy should not be used by people with diabetes or any other illnesses that impair their nerves.

Why choose Omni Hospitals?

At Omni, our skilled team of physicians and technicians ensures the most accurate and speedy diagnostic and treatment processes for all of our patients. We provide world-class facilities, modern treatments, and advanced equipment, making us one of India’s greatest hospitals, specifically for women & children.


Q1. Does Cryotherapy Cause Pain?

Ans. Although your first cryotherapy treatment may feel unusual due to the exposure to the cold, cryotherapy is painless. 

Q2. How often is it possible for me to have cryotherapy?

Ans. Around 2-3 sessions per week are recommended for normal usage. Cryotherapy treatments are held up to five times a week for elite athletes.

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