Post Heart Failure Rehab

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Cardiac rehabilitation after heart failure can be life-changing in the process of recovery. At Omni, we understand how important it is to provide the right cardiac rehab so that you can lead a healthy life. Cardiology specialists, physiotherapy experts, other medical professionals, and support staff work collaboratively to provide the best cardiac rehabilitation to our patients so that they can recover without complications.

What is Post Heart Failure Rehab or Cardiac Rehabilitation?

Post Heart Failure Rehab is a supervised therapy programme specifically designed to meet the individual needs of patients who have undergone surgery due to cardiac failure. It involves training exercises, comprehensive education on heart & general body health, as well as counselling to manage stress post-surgery. Post Heart Failure Rehab is important as it helps patients in recovering safely and improves their physical, mental, and social function. The goal of Post Heart Failure Rehab is to stabilise the patient, slow down or even reverse the progression of heart failure in order to prevent another cardiac event.

Why choose Omni Hospitals?

At Omni, for physical therapy nearby we provide well-customised cardiac rehabilitation programs, including physical exercises, counselling, and education on keeping the heart healthy, which plays a vital role in improving the quality of life of patients. Our team of interdisciplinary experts and cardiology consultants help in the proper rehabilitation of patients through medical evaluation, physical activity and exercises, counselling and by providing all-around support for ensuring proper recovery and overall improvement of physical & mental health and vitality.


Q1. How long is a Post Heart Failure Rehab programme?

Recovery from a heart failure incident may need about two months, and during this time period, a rehab programme may be started, which can last anywhere between 2 and 8 months, depending upon the age and the individual needs and health conditions of the patients.

Q2. Why is cardiac rehabilitation required?

Cardiac rehab may help improve the overall quality of life greatly after a heart failure event. It may also help a patient regain strength, reduce the risk of another cardiac event, and prevent the prevailing heart condition from worsening.

Q3. Can cardiac rehab exercises be done at home?

Exercises and training for cardiac rehab may be best performed under expert supervision as it may not be the right form of post-surgical care for everyone. The treating doctor must deem you fit for cardiac rehabilitation.

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