Post Heart Transplantation Rehab

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We at Omni take great care of patient health during post heart transplantation recovery. Returning to vital health status is essential during recovery, which is why we keep our patients under constant monitoring and evaluation during rehabilitation. Our vastly experienced heart doctors and therapists prioritise patient care and provide the highest quality of treatment and rehabilitation services with utmost care and compassion.

Post Transplantation Cardiac Rehab

Heart transplantation is an intensive surgical procedure performed in case of complete heart failure where the patient’s heart cannot be revived. After the heart transplantation procedure, rehabilitation and physiotherapy are of utmost importance to regain strength and mobility as it is a major surgery, and an extended hospital stay may cause loss of muscle function. Regular exercise and physiotherapy under expert supervision are vital to return to normal daily life activities.

Why choose Omni Hospitals?

At Omni known for cardiac physiotherapy we ensure comprehensive, holistic management and recovery for patients who have undergone heart transplantation recently. Post-surgical period, in the case of heart transplantation, is a critical stage where patients need to be under expert supervision and constant evaluation of vitals so that they can recover properly. Our team of board-certified, widely acclaimed cardiology specialists, physicians, physiotherapists, and psychotherapists work in close collaboration to ensure overall well-being and general improvement of physical and mental health after a heart transplantation surgery.

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Q1. Is heart transplantation a major surgery?

Yes, heart transplantation is a major surgery which takes a toll on overall health. Hence, it requires a dedicated rehabilitation program for complete recovery.

Q2. Will my physical activity be limited after heart transplantation surgery?

Any kind of rigorous activity right after the surgery may not be right for your body or your heart. You should seek medical advice on what you can and cannot do after you have had heart transplant surgery.

Q3. What should I not do after heart transplantation surgery?

Lifting heavy loads, eating food with high salt concentration, refraining from straining your upper body, and especially putting pressure on your chest and arms are to be avoided after a heart transplantation surgery. Your doctor may tell you a list of things about what to avoid after you have had a heart transplant surgery.

Q4. How long will it take to recover from heart transplantation surgery?

As it is with any major surgery, it takes at least 6 weeks to 8 weeks to recover from a heart transplantation surgery. But for a complete recovery, at least 3 to 6 months are required.

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