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Polytrauma or multiple trauma is a term used to describe a condition which involves multiple traumatic injuries, for e.g. a brain injury in addition to a spine injury or multiple fractures. Polytrauma commonly arises from high-velocity road accidents.

Polytrauma is characterised by multiple head injuries, loss of vision or hearing, nerve damages and multiple fractures. The multiple traumatic injuries can be fatal to the person. The complexity and severity of injuries may also lead to emotional or behavioural challenges.

Polytrauma involves a breakdown of multiple systems in the body, therefore its treatment needs a team of specialists capable of handling the injuries of their system in tandem to the others.

Symptoms of Polytrauma:

Polytrauma affects the body in an unpredictable manner hence it is difficult to link the symptoms to a particular body part or body system. Direct symptoms of polytrauma are pain and bleeding from the injured body part. The less obvious symptoms are having difficulty in concentration, loss of memory along with headache, continuous ringing in the ears. Other symptoms include light-headedness, irritability and impaired decision making.

Diagnosis of Polytrauma:

After a road accident, the patient should immediately undergo an X-ray to determine the level of injuries in the cervical spine, chest or pelvis (termed as trauma series). Further, a CT scan and MRI are also conducted to investigate the injuries in detail.

Treatment of Polytrauma:

Polytrauma is one of the major causes of morbidity. Treatment of polytrauma is tricky as it needs a balanced treatment of multiple organs or systems. To decide on the course of treatment for polytrauma a complete assessment of symptoms and conditions is performed.

The conditions assessed are:

  • Physical mobility
  • Communication skills
  • Thinking skills (memory, judgment, awareness)
  • Strength and endurance
  • Adjustment and coping
  • Changes in behaviours and emotional health
  • Pain

After the assessment, a team of neurosurgeons, orthopaedics, cardiologists, physiotherapists, etc. are enrolled to further the treatment procedure.

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