Balance and Gait Training

Your well-being is our priority.

Aggressive medical conditions like multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, or stroke may affect the ability to walk and move properly. At Omni Hospital, we offer comprehensive, all-inclusive physical therapy services and provide customized balance and gait training exercises to help regain muscle strength and mobility, so that you can lead a better quality of life. Our team of well-trained physiotherapy experts takes great care of our patients and their individual healthcare needs to provide the best physiotherapy services.

What is balance and gait training?

Balance and gait training involve supervised training and physiotherapy focusing primarily on improving your walking ability. Your balance and gait program will be specifically designed according to your needs by consulting with the physiotherapist in charge and an additional supervising doctor.

Balancing exercises will help regain walking ability through leg exercises. Strength training exercises may also be included in the program.

Why choose Omni Hospital?

At Omni Hospital  for a physical rehabilitation center near me you can avail personalized therapeutic treatment and exceptional rehabilitation services for post-surgical recovery. Every patient is different and has various health problems, which is why our team of board-certified, highly experienced physiotherapy experts prioritize patient care and confidentiality. We ensure comfort and provide the highest quality of treatment for every patient. You can trust us to provide the best treatment for all your health problems.


Q1. Can gait and balance exercise help in gaining strength? 

Gait and balance training often include strength-building exercises as muscles affected by serious health conditions may cause a loss of muscle function and control.

Q2. Is balance and gait training good for older people? 

Supervised gait and balance training may be helpful for elderly patients suffering from stroke, MS, or PD. The type of exercises best suited for the patient may be decided by the consulting physiotherapist.

Q3. Can walking gait be corrected? 

Through proper physical therapy and rehabilitation, walking gait can be corrected.

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