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Recognised as one the best Cancer Hospitals in Hyderabad, the department of Oncology in OMNI Hospitals offers holistic cancer treatment, be it cure or palliation for healthy recovery. We have a team of best medical Oncologists with years of expertise in supervising therapeutic treatment, radiotherapy, and cytotoxic chemotherapy. Our doctors and Oncologists in Hyderabad work relentlessly towards diagnosing, assessing, and prescribing the best quality treatment for healthy outcomes.

 Our doctors employ medications to treat patients and provide therapy. They use advanced communication skills to completely involve patients in treatment decisions, and they counsel patients and families on cancer genetics, screening, and prevention. Our medical and clinical oncologists frequently collaborate, and clinical oncology encompasses both the therapeutic use of ionising radiation (radiotherapy) and cytotoxic chemotherapy.

OMNI Hospitals, the top cancer hospital in Hyderabad is currently recognised as a pioneer in cancer treatment and its fight against the affliction that devours many patients. We emphasise on patient-first motto and thus we are recognised as one of the best cancer hospitals in Hyderabad and Telangana. OMNI Hospitals has reinvented cancer treatment by treating numerous national and international patients with unusual kinds of cancer and finding success and breakthroughs in overcoming the majority of them.

Treatment and Procedures

1.Best Chemotherapy treatment in Hyderabad

Chemotherapy is a medication that employs strong chemicals to kill rapidly growing cells in your body. Chemotherapy is used to treat cancer as cancer cells grow and proliferate significantly faster than the rest of the body’s cells. There are numerous chemotherapy medicines available. To treat a wide range of problems, chemotherapy medications will be administered either alone or in combination. Though chemotherapy is an effective treatment for many types of cancer, it also has a risk of adverse effects.

2.Endocrinology treatment in Hyderabad

Endocrine therapy, formerly known as hormone therapy, is used to add, inhibit, or remove hormones. The feminine hormones oestrogen and progesterone have been linked to the growth of some breast cancer cells. Endocrine therapy is used in some people to delay or stop the growth of cancer by blocking the body’s naturally generated oestrogen. There are two types of hormone therapy for breast cancer: medications that prevent oestrogen and progesterone from stimulating breast cancer cell growth and drugs or surgery that prevent ovaries from producing hormones. Hormonal therapies work by modifying the body’s production or activity of specific hormones. They are most typically utilised in the treatment of breast and prostate cancer. At OMNI Hospitals, we offer the best endocrine therapy in Hyderabad. 

3.Immunotherapy in Hyderabad

Immunotherapy, also known as biological therapy or biotherapy, employs certain components of the immune system to combat diseases such as cancer. This can be accomplished by activating your own immune system to operate harder or smarter against cancer cells, or by providing you with immune system components such as man-made immune system proteins. Immunotherapy appears to function better for some cancers than others. It is used alone to treat some cancers, but it appears to function best when combined with other methods of treatment for many tumours. Our team of best Oncologists in Hyderabad, provide the best Immunotherapy in Telangana. 

4.Targeted molecular treatment in Hyderabad

At OMNI Hospitals, we offer the best targeted molecular therapy, a sort of individualised medical therapy used to cure cancer by disrupting specific molecular defects that fuel cancer growth. Targeted therapies are medications that are designed to disrupt a specific biochemical pathway that is essential to the formation, growth, and spread of a specific malignancy. Because no two cancers develop in the same way, targeted molecular therapy is tailored to the individual. The molecular targets of several malignancies are known. However, these targets are continuously being found in different malignancies. Various forms of cancer have different molecular targets in some circumstances. Identifying the molecular targets in each individual patient’s cancer necessitates close collaboration with pathologists who thoroughly examine the disease pathology.

5.Surgical Oncology

OMNI Hospitals surgical oncology department is committed to providing cutting-edge, multidisciplinary treatment for primary and metastatic malignancies. Our programme, which works with experts from many departments, comprises a dedicated team of physicians who work together to provide patients with comprehensive care for cancers of the liver, pancreas, abdominal cavity, adrenal gland, soft tissue, and breast. Our surgeons have all received extensive training and are experts in the treatment of gastric cancer, pancreatic cancer, metastatic colon cancer, appendiceal cancers, sarcomas, and melanomas.

Patients can see specialists from surgical oncology, medical oncology, radiation treatment, and plastic surgery all in one visit at our multidisciplinary surgical oncology clinic. The characteristics of surgical oncology care at OMNI Hospitals include high-quality care and sensitivity to our patients’ requirements.

OMNI Hospitals is widely regarded as India’s best surgical oncology facility. OMNI Hospitals surgical oncologists are considered Hyderabad’s leading and best surgical oncologists, with experience executing unusual and crucial surgeries for cancer treatments.

Specialised Oncology Treatment at OMNI Hospitals

OMNI Hospitals best oncologists specialise in providing unwavering treatment in the field of prostate gland cancers, ovarian cancers, brain cancers, and colon cancers, among others, by utilising cutting-edge techniques such as TrueBeam STX, Robotic procedures, Radiation oncology procedures, and new nuclear medicinal advancements in the detection and treatment of previously invincible cancers and malignancies. We offer the best specialised cancer treatment in Hyderabad:

  • Modified radical mastectomy
  • Radical hysterectomy
  • Radical colectomy 
  • Neck dissection
  • Total thyroidectomy
  • Parathyroidectomy
  • Total laryngectomy
  • Whipple’s procedures
  • Radical gastrectomy
  • Lung resection