Geriatric Rehabilitation

Rebuilding Lives, Reviving Hope, and Unleashing Your Potential!

The goal of Geriatric Rehabilitation (GR) is to improve older people’s quality of life, especially in those who have debilitating disabilities and/or are fragile. Older patients who visit the Omni for rehabilitation have experienced functional independence with enhanced quality of life. We give the elderly a way to continue living well for as long as possible.

How can Geriatric Rehab benefit patients?

Hearing loss and vision deterioration are common in old age. Because of osteoporosis, joint deterioration, and other age-related conditions, their range of motion may be reduced. Malnutrition is another issue that worries the geriatric population. For those who are still active, life slows down as they age, which might cause them to feel unutilised, which could also result in depression. So, controlling geriatrics’ physical health is just as crucial as managing their mental health, which is where the experienced doctors at Omni are the best.

Various Geriatric Rehabilitation Techniques

  • The decline in mobility is one of the primary challenges faced by geriatrics.  
  • These days, simple techniques that can restore or at least improve eyesight and hearing, such as laser therapy, sophisticated hearing aids, etc., can be used to address the loss of hearing and vision.
  • Geriatric-specific dieticians at Omni will recommend a diet that includes meals and supplements to make sure that the elderly are receiving all the nutrients.
  • Simple tasks like eating and taking a shower are more challenging as we get older. The goal of occupational therapy is to support older people’s independence.

Why choose Omni Hospitals?

At Omni for best physical therapy, we offer everyday wellness and preventative healthcare services, as well as life-saving treatments and other medical services of the highest quality. Our healthcare experts are backed by cutting-edge medical equipment, advanced infrastructure and technologically advanced labs, recovery rooms, and OTs for all-inclusive geriatric care & rehab. With years of medical experience in treating patients with warmth and compassion while resorting to patient-centric approaches, we have the most regarded team of doctors.


Q1. What constitutes geriatric rehabilitation’s primary element?

Ans. Communication is crucial to geriatric rehabilitation, with a focus on addressing any sensory deficit, particularly those linked to vision and hearing. 

Q2. What part does physical therapy play in geriatric rehabilitation?

Ans. Geriatric physical therapy has been shown to be an effective way for older persons to maintain their physical fitness over time while also improving their mobility & balance.

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