Laser Therapy

The concentrated light energy/rays used in various medical procedures is called Laser Therapy. Laser light consists of wavelengths tuned to particular frequencies, and as a result, strong beams can be formed. By concentrating on a small area, lasers enable medical surgeons to work with extreme precision while causing less damage to the surrounding tissue for various medical treatments. At Omni, we employ laser therapy for a number of procedures to produce the desired results.

Let’s discuss it in detail.

Why is Laser Therapy used?

Laser therapy can help you with the following –

  • Reduce or eliminate tumours, polyps, or other precancerous growths
  • Alleviate cancer symptoms
  • Take kidney stones out
  • Remove part of the prostate
  • Repair detached retina
  • Alleviate ageing-related problems
  • Treat alopecia-related hair loss

It also comes in use for other types of discomfort, such as back pain.

How is Laser Therapy done?

Depending on the process, many laser therapy methods exist. An endoscope, a small, illuminated, flexible tube, may guide the laser and observe internal body tissues when treating a tumour. The endoscope is inserted through a bodily entrance, such as the mouth. The surgeon next directs the laser on the tumour to shrink or remove it. Typically, lasers are used on the skin during cosmetic operations.

Risks Associated with Laser Therapy

Following pointers are the complications or risks associated with laser therapy-

  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Pain
  • Scarring
  • Change in skin colour
  • Stroke
  • Heart Attack

Why choose Omni Hospitals?

At Omni for physiotherapy clinic near me we have the most experienced doctors that are compassionate and dedicated to providing the best diagnostic, treatment, and recovery services. We help improve your life using several medical procedures & therapies, such as laser therapy. Book a consultation with us to learn more about the procedure.


Q1. Does laser therapy help?

Ans. Laser therapy helps you achieve pain relief. It can stimulate nerve regeneration, relax muscles, accelerate healing in damaged tissues, and reduce inflammation and pain.

Q2. Is laser treatment safe?

Ans. If done by a board-certified dermatologist, laser treatment can safely treat several types of scars.

Q3. Is the laser effect permanent?

Ans. The effects of lasers are permanent when it comes to scarring. Once the scar is gone, it won’t go back.

Q4. Are lasers good for the skin?

Ans. Laser skin treatments help freshen and improve skin quality, including age spots, wrinkles, veins, sagging skin, etc.

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