Combination Therapy

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Combination therapy refers to the use of two or more different types of treatments for effective results. Different therapy types may be applied sequentially, concurrently, or according to different time management schedules. The combination therapy curated and executed by world-class medical professionals at Omni not only has a higher chance of success than a single technique, but it also causes less harm to important organs and tissues.

Relevance of Combination Therapy in Various Medical Conditions

For the treatment of many medical disorders, combination therapy is regarded as the gold standard of care. Combination medication therapy is frequently regarded as the greatest method for preventing and delaying the morbidity and mortality linked to cardiovascular disease (CVD) and its risk factors, particularly for high-risk patients, when used in conjunction with lifestyle changes.

Numerous studies have shown that this method may also be helpful in the management of chronic medical conditions, including HIV and other infectious diseases, Diabetes Mellitus, Alzheimer’s disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, malignancies, pain disorders, neurologic disorders, and pulmonary disorders. Regimens for treating particular tumours are composed of chemotherapy drugs in a variety of combinations.

Different fixed-dose combination formulations for treating a medical illness with two or more separate medicines may have multiple benefits, including the convenience of requiring a patient to take fewer tablets each day and a lower risk of prescription mistakes. The shorter drug regimes as per combination therapy may enhance the probability that patients would stick to them, and depending on the pharmacologic agent, they may also result in lower prescription expenditures.

Why Choose Omni Hospitals?

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Q1. What are combination therapy’s drawbacks?

Ans. Potential drawbacks of combination Therapy include higher toxicity, an inflexible fixed dosage ratio, and unsuitable pharmacokinetics.

Q2. Who would benefit from combination therapy?

Ans. Individuals with severe major disorders are advised to get combination therapy, and individuals with mild to moderate depression may also benefit.

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