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Robotic Joint Replacement Surgeries

Omni Hospitals is regarded as the best hospital all over India and specifically our branch in Vizag is extremely renowned for robotic surgery and is dedicated to providing patients with exceptional clinical outcomes. We are the only hospital in Andhra Pradesh & Telangana to use the CORI Surgical System, making our facility the best option for outpatient knee replacement surgery. As one of the best hospitals in Vizag for orthopaedics, Omni Hospital is always on the quest to couple innovation with care.

The CORI Surgical System delivers robotics-assisted tools to customise your total knee replacement to your unique anatomy. CORI Surgical System is utilised to precisely target the damaged areas while leaving healthy bone and ligaments untouched. It allows our doctors to perform complex orthopaedic procedures such as partial and total knee replacement with more accuracy, helping improve the function, feel and longevity of the knee implant.

The use of a robotic surgical system to perform operations on patients is known as robotic surgery. It, like minimally invasive surgery, can be performed solely or in conjunction with traditional open surgical procedures, depending on the situation.

Robotic surgery is ideal for complex procedures requiring a high level of precision. Highly complex surgeries are sometimes not possible in the traditional manner. In such cases, robotic surgery may be the only option because it provides the flexibility needed to complete the surgery. Surgeons can thoroughly examine the area being operated on, thanks to robotic surgery. This provides the surgeons with a clearer view, which allows them to perform the operation more precisely because some things are not visible with the naked eye. Furthermore, it provides greater control over what is done.

Advantages of Robotics-Assisted Knee Replacement Surgery

Real-Time imaging – Built-in, real-time imaging removes the need for pre-operative imaging,

reducing extra costs and time associated with CT imaging.

Customised for the unique anatomy – Offers real-time data on your unique anatomy for more

accurate, personalised care for patient specific plan

Natural feeling results – It leads to more precise, accurate results that are catered to your body, replicating the natural feel and functionality of a healthy knee

Quality implant selection – These systems give our surgeons the ability to choose the right

implant for your anatomy from a selection of the highest quality implants available

Are Robotic Surgeries Safe?

People believe that the robot is in charge of the entire procedure. While a robotic surgical system is used during the procedure, the surgeon is in charge the entire time. There is nothing to be concerned about because the surgeon directs the robotic surgical system on what needs to be done. The robotic surgical system does not make decisions and cannot act on its own unless directed to do so by the surgeon.

At all times, the robotic surgical system mimics the surgeon’s movements. There is no thought occurring in the robotic surgical system at any time. Every movement of the robotic surgical system occurs as a result of the surgeon’s instruction to the system. This is why it is critical to remember that the surgeon is ultimately responsible for all robotic surgical system movements. Robotic surgical systems provide far greater precision than a surgeon’s hand.

Omni Hospitals is one of India’s best Robotic Surgery hospitals and the best hospital in Vizag for robotic surgery and treatment.. It trains surgeons so that they have extensive experience using robots during surgery, and it provides them with all of the tools they need to provide optimal results. Omni Hospitals’ experienced surgeons strive to provide maximum safety to patients and ensure that patients are carefully selected based on criteria so that they can have Robotic Surgery performed safely and receive the best treatment. Every patient’s health and well-being is always prioritised at Omni Hospitals.

Some of the advantages of robotic-assisted surgery include:

  •  Increased range of motion and precision for the surgeon.
  • It provides easier access to the area that requires operation.
  • The length of hospital stay following surgery is reduced.
  • Infection risk is reduced.
  • Less discomfort
  • Fewer blood transfusions and less blood loss
  • Patients can quickly resume their normal routine.

Omni Hospitals, Vizag offers minimally invasive surgery and treatment for the full spectrum of

orthopaedic injuries with cutting-edge technology. If you have any of these conditions, you may be eligible for Robotic Surgery after consulting with your doctor. Omni Hospitals strives to be the best and foremost in the use of cutting-edge technology to perform surgeries that are beneficial to patients and have minimal side effects.

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