Advanced Pain Relief Therapies

Compassionate and Sincere Medical Care For People with Chronic Pain!

Chronic pain is usually defined as persisting pain lasting more than ten weeks or exceeding the average recovery time for the underlying illness or damage. This type of severe pain can arise from a medical condition or an injury. There is no one method for treating chronic pain that will always result in full pain relief. Utilising a variety of treatment approaches may bring about relief for the patients.

Interventions for Pain Management

Pain is typically controlled by:

  • Medicine such as NSAIDs (over-the-counter analgesic and anti-inflammatory drugs), muscle relaxants, and anticonvulsants.
  • Physical therapy
  • Alternative therapies, including acupuncture, massage, etc.

Advanced Pain Management Techniques at Omni for physiotherapy

Our physiotherapist could suggest advanced treatments like:

  • Patient-Controlled Analgesia – Patients recovering from surgery can benefit from this method. When pain levels rise, the patient presses a button to activate a computerised pump, which then administers analgesics via an IV line.
  • Blocked Nerves – By using medications or radiation, a nerve or set of nerves that send pain impulses is stopped.
  • Trigger Point Injections – Muscles that are not able to fully relax under certain circumstances might produce “knots” and cause pain. To reduce the pain, your doctor administers an injection at the location of the muscle knot. 
  • Surgical Implants – To manage pain, an implant may be surgically inserted. Common implants include:
  • Intrathecal Pumps
  • Spinal Cord Stimulation
  • Bioelectric Therapy
  • Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation (TENS)
  • Psychological Therapy

Why choose Omni Hospitals?

At Omni physiotherapy clinic near me we provide one of the best medical facilities for doctor of physical therapy in India for advanced pain relief therapies. Our patient care and hospital experiences are unparalleled. We ensure that patients receive high-quality care by housing renowned medical professionals and advanced equipment under one roof. We rigorously follow infection control procedures to avoid issues.

Our patient-centric approach, high success rates, and staff’s polite behaviour with pain patients make us the most-preferred healthcare facility for advanced pain relief or management therapies.


Q1. How long will the treatment last?

Ans. It depends on the method used. A single injection can last for months and is administered in only a few minutes. It might take weeks or months for medications and physical therapy to work.

Q2. What kind of pain is treated by Advanced Pain relief therapy?

Ans. Diagnosing and treating chronic pain is the focus of Advanced Pain Care.

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